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The amazing growth of the online fast fashion trade — you know, cheap, fashionable clothes designed to be worn only for one season – has complicated the task of the budget fashionista. I say this because a budget fashionista is not the kind of girl who buys only by price.

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A real budget fashionista makes purchases at a bargain price. You are more interested in a $50 top that you will wear 10 times, compared to a $20 top that you will wear once.

Thus, all these ultra-cheap retailers clutter up the landscape, tempting us with their inexpensive clothes that can be worn or not worn in three months. In addition to this trend, we are also dealing with the slow disappearance of conventional department stores.

What should a fashionista do? To help you navigate these turbulent times, we have created a large list of our favorite online clothing stores for budget fashionistas.

Style Warning: The bloomers are back. Here’s how to arrange them. .

ASOS is what you need for any budget fashionista. The retailer always has a huge selection of products at the right price. And you don’t pay US sales tax, which is a nice advantage.

Dorothy Perkins has been around for almost 100 years and has a huge retail presence in the UK. The online store offers sizes from 2 to 18, and you can also shop by size: petite, plus, tall and for pregnant women. The styles are classic, so you will find many versatile items in solid colors. it feels high fashion, without high fashion prices. New products usually cost around $50-80, and you can find amazing deals on their sales page. Like Dorothy Perkins, Mango leans towards monochrome products that use interesting cuts and combinations of fabrics to stand out.

Modcloth describes itself as a vintage fashion store, but you don’t need to have cat-eye sunglasses to shop there. The styles are a little more funky than you’ll find at Dorothy Perkins, but in a good way. If you have a quirky streak, you will like Fashionable Clothes. And when you need inspiration, take a look at the photo gallery of outfits.

Need some form – fitting dress ? A blazer with cut-out shoulders? Head to Missguided for high-quality clothing that fits a set of 20-somethings. And if you are a student, you are entitled to a 30% discount on non-saleable goods!

A nasty girl is also for younger (deep down or by the hour), sharper fashionistas. This online store presents its own Nasty Gal line, as well as designs from Bardot, Glamorous, Jaded London and Love, Courtney from Nasty Gal. Check sales frequently for fashion finds worth less than $15.

Rozegal’s collection is much more mundane than that of a Nasty Girl. You will find a variety of cute daywear such as asymmetrical T-shirts, plaid shirts, hooded dresses and floral patterned dresses. Although the site is probably the most popular among college students, there are clothes suitable for older fashionistas as well.

24 Best Online Clothing Stores

Toby is a good choice when you need basics that aren’t boring. A beautiful and affordable bomber jacket or a plain top with an interesting neckline, for example. Also, subscribe to Tobi emails and you will be aware of many of the retailer’s sales.

Topshop provides a pleasant shopping experience when you are in the mood for a walk. Most of the products have images of clothes with and without models that we like. And you can take a look at the Topshop blog if you need some extra inspiration. The garments themselves are diverse in style, but most of them will feel street style.

Uniqlo’s motto is “simple has become better”. The Uniqlo collection matches the style and prices — you will find items that are very comfortable to wear and affordable. From down jackets for $60 to bras for $15, items from the Uniqlo collection can fill almost any fashion void you have.

These online stores are a bit expensive for everyday purchases, but you can save money by watching the sales.

Ann Taylor is a great choice for stylish work clothes. Right now, you can subscribe to emails and save $25 off your first purchase at a full price of $75 or more.

Bluefly satisfies the tastes of high fashion, but oh, these sales! When you are looking for something really special and a little luxurious, something that gives you the opportunity to give up the designer’s name, then Bluefly is your store.

LOFT, of course, is Ann Taylor’s little sister, and we love it for the same reasons that we love Ann Taylor. The collection is stylish and wearable. As with Ann Taylor, you can subscribe to their emails to save $25.

Express has been a reliable fashion source for many years. Every time I go into an express store, I’m kind of shocked at how expensive these things are. $80 for a pair of work pants, for example, is a bit overpriced in my book. But on the other hand, I have never been disappointed with the quality of clothes from Express. Get the best of both worlds by shopping only at sales. sales and promotions cycles are almost constant. You could subscribe to their emails to keep up to date, but honestly, it’s getting overwhelming. Instead, get into the habit of going to first, when you know exactly what you need – it only takes you a minute to see if this perfect thing is on sale.

Nordstrom holds three major sales every year: the anniversary sale in July and the semi-annual sale in spring and autumn. Write it down in your calendar! That’s when you’ll want to update your bras, underwear and seasonal items.

Go to Yoox when you need a label to show off. Jill Sander, Marnie, Prada and Rocha are a few names of designers who adorn the pages . These are, of course, expensive clothes, but subscribe to emails about the sale, and you will be able to buy a great thing with a big discount.

Zulily is working on a unique model, and it affects you in two ways. First, you need to create an account and log in to the store. And secondly, you will have to wait two or three weeks to receive your order. But if it suits you, you can make some amazing deals.

New products go on sale every day, and you never know what you might find. Right now I’m eyeing Michael Kors’ $160 gray bag.

Forever 21 gets a setback, and some of it is well deserved. But my two biggest complaints about Forever21 don’t really relate to the shopping experience on the website. Firstly, the return policy to the store is restrictive, and secondly, the store is usually a mess.

But everything is different on the Internet! Online purchases can be returned for exchange, credit or refund within 30 days. And the website doesn’t have to worry about sloppy display tables.

I actually prefer to shop at the store, but the website is still a good resource for basic things like T-shirts, tank tops, and tank tops.

We can’t exclude the Target from this list! it has a huge selection, and we are often surprised by the products that you can pick up at a price.

The T.J.MAXX website delivers the promise of a “brand for less money”, perhaps better than the store itself. We like that the site recommends that you first choose your size and then view the options from there. It’s a pity that they can’t organize stores in such a way that all large-sized items – skirts, trousers, whatever — are grouped in one section.

There is also a whole community of retailers with ultra-favorable prices, such as Romwe, Shein and Dressilyme. We would classify them as “fast fashion”. Yes, the prices are incredibly low. Some styles are very cute. But the quality and size may not be compatible. Act at your own risk.

There are times when you see a thing that you like, but you don’t know where to get it. Try one of these sites to help you find this snippet or something like that. We regularly use these resources to find clothes to post on the blog. All of them allow you to search by price and other attributes such as color, size, etc.

The style of the store.

Now it’s your turn to share! Have we missed any of your favorite online clothing stores? Let us know in the comments.

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